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too many pies

sometimes it feels really good to have our fingers in every pie.

it’s very satisfying, when people ask about what we are working on, to take a moment to mentally survey and realize that we are in the midst of some great projects of various scope. it’s also quite a comforting feeling to know that the machine is humming and things are going on for the next few months to a year. ah, to embark on something new - the introspection, bouncing concepts off one another and the creative momentum it generates. a great feeling indeed.

but then it is all in motion and the demand on both brain power and creative energy is at it’s maximum and you realize . .

too many pies.

something going in = something going out

one rule or guideline that we set a few years ago is that if something is coming in, something must go out.

usually this is something similar in function or monetarily the same. somehow the exchange must balance either the monetary scale, the object storage space, the object function or all of the above. this keeps us from acquiring a bunch of stuff and also mitigates the financial impact of upgrades or purchases.

a recent example is the purchase of miglia TVMiniHD.

our sony wega tv that we purchased almost new on craigslist, was fine. but our computer monitors had better color and a higher resolution. and, they took up less space. by selling the tv we accomplished several things:

  • more space as the object we were acquiring negated the need for the larger object
  • almost no monetary impact - the tv was sold on craigslist for nearly the value of the tv adapter
  • the visual quality was much better - we now had HD programming

i sometimes think people are surprised that our studio isn’t packed in disarray. with the tendency to acquire materials and interesting objects, the one thing that has saved us from being overrun by stuff is the acquisition rule.

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