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clearing space to think

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too many pies

sometimes it feels really good to have our fingers in every pie.

it’s very satisfying, when people ask about what we are working on, to take a moment to mentally survey and realize that we are in the midst of some great projects of various scope. it’s also quite a comforting feeling to know that the machine is humming and things are going on for the next few months to a year. ah, to embark on something new - the introspection, bouncing concepts off one another and the creative momentum it generates. a great feeling indeed.

but then it is all in motion and the demand on both brain power and creative energy is at it’s maximum and you realize . .

too many pies.

new link, new look

so as you have gathered, i did a little reorganization of the server and updated the blog with a new look.

it’s good to be able to have a bit more control over the blog.  it may also be a form of procrastination.  i was really supposed to be working on something else.  but it only took a day or so and best of all  . . .it was fun.

glad that you made it over, or if it’s your first time, made it here.

cleaning up

so what is with cleaning up the studio before starting a new project?

we always clean up the studio between projects. not that we don’t sweep up or clean up a bit at the end of the day, but the start of a new piece or project brings about a full on, extensive clean up. this is true even when we are slammed and back to back on deadlines. it’s one of our many rituals.

is it a form of procrastination? a way to get our thoughts organized and gear up? does it make the work any better? somehow set the mood?

who knows. maybe it is all of the above. somehow it works and makes us feel good about it and makes the studio a nice place to be.


our neighbor, a master woodworker, is closing his studio of 27 years.

he’s been working on scaling down for the past couple of years and periodically brings us some cool objects, books or materials that he uncovers. needless to say, he has a lot to uncover after 27 years. so everything is going at a great price or even free. oh, the temptation. not only is it a great price - the spiritual energy could never be matched.

we promised each other, after the last time we moved our studio, that we would keep our acquisitions to a minimum. we reiterated our agreement on our way over the first day to help him move some materials and dig some hardwood out from the bottom of a stack. beautiful california walnut. we couldn’t resist.

and he told us to look around. . . .and then, the japanese planes. had to have a few. and we agreed that was it.

the next day we went over to see how it was going and came away empty handed. good job. there were lots of things we could have hoarded.

the next day we took him lunch and saw the boxes of cool fasteners. why not. and a dremmel attachment and some great, deep reach clamps that are no longer made . . and the hammers. i was weak. i took them all. yes, let it be known. i have a weakness for hammers and mallets. think what you will. i don’t care.

so much for editing.

well actually, a few years ago we would have taken it all. so i guess we have come a certain distance. we also have some great materials and tools from one of the finest artists in the west coast.

and i have used one of the hammers several times this week. ha.

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