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something going in = something going out

one rule or guideline that we set a few years ago is that if something is coming in, something must go out.

usually this is something similar in function or monetarily the same. somehow the exchange must balance either the monetary scale, the object storage space, the object function or all of the above. this keeps us from acquiring a bunch of stuff and also mitigates the financial impact of upgrades or purchases.

a recent example is the purchase of miglia TVMiniHD.

our sony wega tv that we purchased almost new on craigslist, was fine. but our computer monitors had better color and a higher resolution. and, they took up less space. by selling the tv we accomplished several things:

  • more space as the object we were acquiring negated the need for the larger object
  • almost no monetary impact - the tv was sold on craigslist for nearly the value of the tv adapter
  • the visual quality was much better - we now had HD programming

i sometimes think people are surprised that our studio isn’t packed in disarray. with the tendency to acquire materials and interesting objects, the one thing that has saved us from being overrun by stuff is the acquisition rule.

craig on charlie rose

craig was on charlie rose this week. kinda liked how craig directed the conversation to his own talking points. one thing that craig newmark and jim buckmaster do well is stay true to their core values and vision of craigslist.

people that know us, know we dig craigslist.

if you live in sf, chances are you use craigslist a lot. transactions we have done via craigslist

  • recently gave away 4 contractor sized garbage bags of pure elm sawdust from a project that was made from salvaged elm hardwood. it was picked up by 2 guys + 1 girlfriend in her little car, who were going to take it back to berkeley for use in their composting toilet.
  • ram for our macbook within 2 hours after realizing that we needed it to run aperture for a presentation the next morning.
  • sold 2 lacie monitors and some misc. mac peripherals to fund my new mac display.
  • sold a used jetta within an hour. actually had to ask for the hour so that we could finish cleaning it.
  • purchased equipment for the studio including flat files, pipe benders, hazmat cabinet, sweets catalogs, power tools, bar fridge, microwave
  • bigger aquarium for our fat-tailed gecko
  • offload our design mags every january
  • found our studio and our awesome landlord, now friend
  • bought and sold tickets
  • found excellent vacation rentals
  • bartered some excellent work trades
  • gotten and given some excellent advice
  • bought and sold motorcycles and motorcyle parts
  • been to some fun craigslist parties back in the day
  • bought and had recycled planters delivered at no charge for the front exterior
  • once sold an epson c80 printer to an artist who only printed their work with epson c80 printers
  • sold and bought musical instruments
  • met a lot of kind, interesting, smart, quirky and eccentric people

in fact, i can honestly say that it is our main mode of acquisition/barter/liquidation. also can’t deny the entertainment value. if you peruse craigslist, you know what i mean.

lazy saturday

it has been a hectic week.

we had a deadline and couple of meetings at the studio with clients. it’s good to have meetings here because it makes us keep the studio in a presentable order. we’re not big slobs, but you know how easy it is to make a big mess when you are working.

so today is a lazy saturday. we will still work, but we don’t set the alarm and sleep late. we then take the luxury of enjoying our coffee and getting a very slow start. we’ll probably still put in 8-10 hours. somehow, it seems more civilized this way - slow start, no calls and the city has a slow, quiet feel.

today is the perfect lazy saturday as the fog is in. maybe it won’t lift all day.

chasing down the fedex guy

so part of the day involved chasing down a new fedex guy that couldn’t find our building on friday. reason the package hadn’t been delivered - we no longer existed.


it sucks getting new fedex or ups guys. actually, ups seems to do better. either their drivers are more saavy or they have some descriptions/notes in their software for the drivers.

weird as it is, finding the fedex guys is hard. first you have to find the right kind of truck - ie, ground, express, home delivery, etc. with ups it is the same guy on a smaller route. not to say that we haven’t tracked our ups driver down, but finding him is much easier as his route is smaller.

so you say, why hunt him down? have you no patience?

well, when you have to be somewhere for a meeting, etc. and neighboring businesses are closed and your other neighbors are out and you realize you don’t have an assistant. . . .you have no choice. this is not the burbs where your smiling, friendly driver can leave the package on the doorstep while your golden retriever or lab looks on from the window. nope, anything in front of your building in the city means only one thing - free.

so we need this package and we drive around hunting down the fedex guy because we need to leave within the hour for a meeting. we must be nuts.  at the second truck, we find him.  and who would guess, he is also relieved.  one less building to try to find on his new route.

luckily, the ups guys rarely change. in fact, we know where our driver eats lunch. no, we don’t hunt him down while he is eating. we actually bought him lunch when we saw him at our local hangout. it was our way of saying thanks and please, please don’t quit.

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