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yes, i am an organization freak.

it’s in my blood. i can’t help it. it runs on my father’s side and is hereditary, i swear. my father has always kept everything from the bills to nails to electrical tools in perfect order. my grandmother keeps fabric remnants in order. my uncle keeps his tack and tools in perfect order. again, it’s got to be in my blood.

i now have the nickname of ‘COO’ - chief organizing officer. it’s like a puzzle that needs to be solved. it’s absolutely one of my favorite aspects of our work. i even equate it in level of satisfaction to the engineering that goes into these projects. i know i am not in company on this one. surely my other half would rather be engineering. are they that far apart? i don’t think so.
i probably should have worked for some kind of closet company or have been a librarian. who knows.

i also have a thing about limericks.

bummed about sunrocket

it all started when we got a call from a client on monday and he couldn’t hear us on our end. i called him back from the cell and he said that he had tried to call us several times that day and couldn’t get through. and we just thought it was a quiet day to get things done. ha!

so after a call to our provider, sunrocket, and an online search, i found that they shut their doors without notice. poo.

we were near the end of our contract and it was a great price anyway, so we can’t be bummed about that. i also have to say that in the 2 years we had service with them, they were great. i only used customer service a couple of times and they were knowledgeable and professional. there were a few minor glitches when they expanded their systems and changed some features, but it was usually late at night and no big deal. i can appreciate that.

but i have to say that i am bummed about how they handled this and even sadder about the struggle of some of these smaller businesses to go head to head with these giant corporations. the first thing a lot of people asked was if we were going to go with att. hell no.

our venture is going with another small company that seems to be into the technology and proud of what they do. sure, i checked out reviews and voip forums, but the most telling to me was the company blog and their own forums. so we are going with viatalk.

i hope that they succeed. not just because it can be a pain for us to switch providers. i want to give them our money because i want better product choices . . .

and i want to see the little guy do well, doing a good thing.

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