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clearing space to think

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cleaning up

so what is with cleaning up the studio before starting a new project?

we always clean up the studio between projects. not that we don’t sweep up or clean up a bit at the end of the day, but the start of a new piece or project brings about a full on, extensive clean up. this is true even when we are slammed and back to back on deadlines. it’s one of our many rituals.

is it a form of procrastination? a way to get our thoughts organized and gear up? does it make the work any better? somehow set the mood?

who knows. maybe it is all of the above. somehow it works and makes us feel good about it and makes the studio a nice place to be.

wrapping up

it’s great to wrap up a project.

usually, this means a debrief and selection of project images. often, there is a site shoot later, but we almost always take some initial photos. sometimes i think it is the only way we can get a little perspective. the camera separates us from the work and allows a disassociation that is pretty informative. we both take shots as we see things differently - i mean literally more than metaphorically.

it’s also great to have a definitive halt in process. it doesn’t mean every detail or concept was perfectly executed. at some point, it’s just done and you have to stop. you get to step back and look around.

love the process when it’s happening, but you’ve got to love the end.

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